We offer High-Quality 100% Natural Coffee oil, Flour & Fiber, 58% cheaper than the competition worldwide that will never go out of global market.

Our Coffee oil For B2B Market

Coffee oil rich in linoleic and palmitic acids, polyphenols, tocopherols and diterpene esters - efficient for sun care, ageing treatments, skin barrier enhancement and anti-cellulite formulations. Filters light selectively, making it possible to brown skin whilst avoiding solar erythema, UVB. Promotes collagen and elastin production.

It’s key properties make it the first choice for Cosmetics, Personal care, Pharmaceutical and Fragrance industries natural source of ingredient for manufacturers innovative product formulation & enhance developing strategy for repositioning in the global market.

Our Coffee oil For B2c Market

Our primary B2C customers are individual persons and beauty salons which uses coffee oil as a part of aroma massage therapy and  Supported by Beauty conscious buyer’s, Environmental protection supporter’s, Natural product admirer's & Healthy living trendy.

Products From Bi -Products

We aim to complement the offer with Bi-product bases extraordinary products that completes the waste recycling process with next- generation personal care and toiletry products: Soaps, Body scrubs, Facial creams and Bath bombs.

It dissolves easily and removes stains from clothes, human skin, hair or any material being cleaned, It gives a clear and sparkling kind of cleanliness, It does not damage fiber or textiles, It gives a pleasant smell, It does not leave sticky traces on the clothes or on the skin and also makes dark hair shiny.

Our Coffee Flour and Fiber

Contains high antioxidant dietary fiber and rich with minerals, mixing wheat flour with our products affected physicochemical property and sensory value of the any bakery, confectionery, pizza and pasta, sports nutrition, and healthy snack bars.

Suitable for gluten-free, high-protein recipes & health benefits including protection against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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