The first industrial biotechnology in Africa to create personal care, nutraceuticals and food ingredients from coffee "waste" sustainably.🌱

“Giving Coffee A Second Life.”




An Ethiopian startup specialized in upcycling coffee waste collecting from coffee bars, launching and selling the first products with coffee oil extracted from Used Coffee Grounds.

We use biotechnology and coffee's waste as a platform to create all natural ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Our ingredients set the standard for high-quality,💯% natural, 'affordable luxury' through use of green chemistry and engineering.

Coffee Resurrect Oil [CROIL], Coffee Resurrect Fiber [CRFIBER] & Coffee Resurrect Flour [CRFLOUR] are just our first steps into unlocking coffee's full health potential by using coffee's "waste" as a resource.

Our R&D🧪continuously strive to offer new products derived from the lipids, proteins, sugars, polyphenols, tocopherols, antioxidants inside spent coffee grounds.

Simple Solution To A Global Issue

Coffee Resurrect is passionate about creating local solutions to solve global problems.🌍

We strive to deliver high quality products and services to our customers, whilst never compromising on our commitment to create a positive environmental impact. On the way endeavoring to radically change of mindsets, and show that materials can still possess huge value, even after being used for their primary purpose.♻️

At Coffee Resurrect, we have a technology that helps countries & companies to minimize coffee's environmental impact.

As other food wastes Every year, billions of pounds of coffee’s byproducts are usually incinerated or sent to landfills. Remember ''that trash is here to stay when you throw it away."

Why Coffee waste ☕️ is our raw material ?

Every day, over 2.25 billion cups ☕️ of coffee are consumed worldwide, and the spent coffee ground (SCG) often ends up as waste in plastic bags, mixed with other trash in garbage dumps.

The 9 billion Kg of coffee consumed yearly worldwide is treated as waste, or is not properly disposed, being left decomposing in a landfill and generating tons of methane a day, a greenhouse gas ☁️ 86x harmful for the environment than CO2.

For every tone of coffee “waste” decomposed in a landfill, 340m3 of methane are released in the environment.

The yearly environmental impact of coffee waste decomposition is equivalent to 10 million car emissions.

While coffee is one of the most popularly consumed beverages on the planet - consumers often do not realize that coffee-related waste has a severe impact on both the earth and its atmosphere. From turning soil acidic to releasing greenhouse gases.☁️

Our approach reduces the environmental impact of coffee by utilizing spent coffee grounds to create sustainable and eco-friendly products.🌾


Multifunctional & Specialty Ingredients. 


38% Bargain,

Requires 394x Less Cost of Solvent,

Operation Uses 16x Less Energy.


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At COFFEE RESURRECT, we value our community above all else. It makes us extremely happy when like-minded people want to join our mission.

By prolonging the economic lifespan of coffee and establishing the global brand COFFEE RESURRECT, we can contribute back to the very individuals responsible for its existence: the coffee farmers.

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