Coffee is one of the most popular and consumed beverages in the world, which leads to a high contents of solid residue known as spent coffee grounds (SCG). As is known, coffee beans contain several classes of health related chemicals, including phenolic compounds, melanoidins, diterpenes, xanthines and carotenoids.

The waste water coming out of coffee industries has high concentration of organic pollutants and is very harmful for surrounding water bodies, human health and aquatic life if discharged directly into the surface waters. Hence it is essential to treat and manage the coffee waste.

Even more, caffeine and polyphenols give the SCG a high toxicity rate, especially for the soil ecosystem. When discharged into landfills, the SCG consequently represents a pollution hazard (Cruz et al., 2012; Mussatto, Machado, et al., 2011; Ricardo, Pascoa, & Magalhaes, 2013).

We're committed


To safeguarding



Planetary & Human health.


Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*

So, we take our part through Sustainable Development Goal 13

For every tone of coffee grounds up cycled, we avert the emissions of 340m3 of methane into the atmosphere. The yearly environmental impact of coffee waste decomposition is equivalent to 10 million car emissions. Coffee waste in landfills generate Methane a Greenhouse gas 86x more potent than Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming, also a potential threat to human life.

Many severe health problems like spinning sensation, eye, ear and skin irritation, stomach pain, nausea and breathing problem among the residents of nearby areas, because of  environmental, soil & water Pollutions.

Not only we do giving coffee a second life, but we allow companies and countries to benefit from its virtues for longer- all through a way to being Corporate Social Responsible as well.

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