Delivery Rank chats with Almaw Molla, a visionary leader and the driving force behind COFFEE RESURRECT, Africa's pioneering Industrial Biotechnology company.

As the President, Founder, and CEO, Almaw has spearheaded the development of an innovative solution that transforms coffee waste into sustainable personal care products, nutraceuticals, and food ingredients.

With a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and a passion for harnessing the untapped potential of coffee, Almaw has revolutionized the industry, establishing COFFEE RESURRECT as a trailblazer in Africa and beyond.

The Global Startup Heat Map highlights 10 circular economy startups to watch in 2023. We are in it, and check that out.

What is the 5th wave coffee movement? Our CEO and Founder have an answer to that.

How To Solve Global Issue In Coffee Industry With Simple Solution?

"Coffee Resurrect is created to bring new life to coffee waste"

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Be Eco-Friendly Business And Earn an Income in 2021.

Businesses across the country are making efforts to become more eco-friendly so we are!! an Ethiopian company based in Delaware COFFEE RESURRECT ™ specialized in up cycling spent coffee ground from coffee bars, launching and selling the first products with coffee oil Extracted from Spent Coffee Ground. To us Choosing to be more eco-friendly not only helps the climate, but also the productivity of our employees, increase efficiency of our operations, decrease the cost of running our business, and possibly most important of all, the image of our brand.

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